​If for whatever reason you need help finding a new home for your pet - we will do everything we can to assist you.  Through networking on social media and reaching out to our various contacts in the rescue community we will do our best to help you find another home or an appropriate rescue for your pet - so that you can avoid taking your pet to a shelter.  We will also help you screen potential adopters and offer follow up assistance to the new adopter to help ease the transition for your pet. 


Need help finding an affordable way to get your pets spayed or neutered?  We can put you in touch with local spay/neuter clinics that will help you at reduced (and sometimes no) cost! 


​We are a foster home for local shelters and rescue groups.  We also occasionally take "owner surrenders" for private foster care - so that pets can avoid the stress of being sent to a shelter in the first place.  Our foster animals ARE available for adoption! 


​In the market for a new furry (or feathered) family member?  Let us help!  If you tell us what you are looking for . . we might just be able to help you find it!  We know of LOTS of animals in local shelters and foster homes who are looking for new homes. 


​We occasionally offer permanent sanctuary to both domestic and farm animals who for whatever reason may be hard to place elsewhere.  We also network with other area sanctuaries - so if you have or know of an animal that you feel may be a good candidate please get in touch.  Our sanctuary animals are not available for adoption - but they ARE available for sponsorship! 




​The first step in solving behavioral problems is identifying what the problems are - and where they are coming from.  No two dogs are alike and we do not believe in a one size fits all approach to training.  In order to come up with a training program that is tailor made to fit your dogs specific needs - we will come to your home so that we can observe your dog and better understand the root of your dog's behavior.  Once we have performed our evaluation - we can talk about what training program(s) will be the best fit for you and your dog!


​We offer private sessions with you and your dog, in your own home as well as in public places (if appropriate).  We will work with you to select and implement specific exercises and techniques that work for you, your lifestyle and your dog.  Our job is to help you become the best leader for your dog that you can be  - and we want to set you and your dog up for success!  The goal is to not only show you it is possible to achieve the results you want - but show you how to maintain those results even after we go home! 


(Doggy Boot Camp)

​It is sometimes more effective for your dog to come and spend time with us at our facility so that we can spend time working on your dog's issues in a more controlled environment before we bring you into the equation.  This is also a great option for folks with busy schedules as well as for those who want to combine some training with a stay at our farm while they go out of town.   We generally recommend a 2 week stay for more complicated behavioral issues - with the option to extend if necessary.  1 week stays are also offered on a case by case basis for what we could consider more minor issues. 

 - We treat your pets like family -

​Shouldn't your dog get to go on vacation when you do??  Send your dog to "camp" with us! 

Our full sized suites are 4x12 with both an indoor (climate controlled) and outdoor section.  We also have an indoor only option for smaller dogs.

​Your dog will get to spend mornings and evenings enjoying all our farm has to offer.  We have 3 large fenced in play yards so your dog will have plenty of opportunity to run around, sniff and play with other dogs.​ 

​During the afternoons while we are gone (and over night for bed time) your dog will get to relax in his or her own private suite - complete with: Music during the day, calming, lavender scented air freshener and complementary chewies or kongs every night at bed time!  Want your dogs to bunk together? No problem!  We offer a discounted rate for 2 dogs who share the same space.


​*We are currently serving the Ivy, Crozet, Greenwood & Afton areas for walking*

​We offer both 30 minute and 1 hour walks (and/or play sessions for dogs who would rather play fetch or chase a frisbee).

​We also offer short potty breaks for dogs that just need a chance to get outside and use the restroom but aren't able to engage in more vigorous exercise.  This is appropriate for young puppies, older dogs, and dogs recovering from surgery.


Southern HosPETality, LLC